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fruit of the loom commercials get weirder every year





what’s funny about this if it were the other way round and a guy dancing with 3 naked/showering girls there would be a massive uproar about it

You know what funny is almost every single music video these days has females dancing half naked in it and no one actually bats an eye. It’s a social norm now. However when Marina does the opposite she has people call her a hypocrite. Since when are men above being objectified? It’s almost like getting a glimpse of what women have to go through everyday. Not nice is it.

but you dont fight sexism by being a sexist yourself……you think thats gonna teach them???

Marina created an alter ego - Electra Heart. She objectifies men through this alter ego to explore women’s roles in societies and pop culture. Electra Heart is all about being the archetypes of the sexual female and the archetypes of the bitch -pretty, sexually powerful, seductive, productive, etc.
So she isn’t really saying ‘I’m bored of being objectified, lets objectify someone else for a change’.
She’s saying ‘look what happens when the men are naked and I’m clothed. Look at how much power that gives me, how much control.” She uses the established norm of objectifying girls vs the casualness of objectifying men to point out its stupidity.
She’s trying to point out the differences between players and sluts, men with game vs girls who can’t keep their legs shut. Its about the double standard.
This is one clip from a video for one song from an entire album. The song explores female sexuality, and the archetypes of being a ‘home wrecker’. The rest of the album goes on to explore these themes in deeper ways, looking at the negative and positive.

*gradual escalating clapping*


He just accepts it right away.

this makes me so happy and idk why


The guy in front of me when I was getting ice cream tonight was wearing this.

update: i banged him



"when im 20 he’ll be 25" but you arent???? 20. youre 15??? and he is 20????????? why is a 20 year old into 15 year olds



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have a wonderful autumn season

its the great pumpkin, charlie brown